It is Flexion’s culture to be focused while working with purpose and passion. Through our ingenuity, transparency, tenacity and upbeat culture, Flexion strongly believes that we are the Best Place to Work. We challenge ourselves to continuously improve and have an open line of communication to make sure that work remains fun and rewarding.



We understand the importance of employees feeling appreciated and informed. These fundamental values are cascaded down through the company in Quarterly Staff Meetings, small group breakfasts with the CEO and frequent, meaningful employee recognition.


“We are committed to genuine work/life balance and appreciate that we all have commitments and responsibilities outside of Flexion that will mean sometimes needing to come to work late, leave early or take personal days. And while we prize in-office time—since we believe that great things happen when smart and creative professionals interact spontaneously with each other—we trust our people to use their judgement to balance the personal and the professional. We are all committed to producing an outstanding work product, to changing the world for patients who are waiting for better solutions to their medical needs and to working late or on weekends if the need arises.

– Mike Clayman, CEO


There is a common theme of lightheartedness and fun throughout the fabric of our company. To ensure that we work hard and stay focused, while allowing room for fun, Flexion offers volunteer opportunities and exciting events organized by our Social Activities Club.


We’re growing and we want our employees to grow with us. Our management promotes and supports employees’ development through in-house training programs and access to development tools.